Web Application Development & Programming

* Reviews posted are from the Web Development and Web Application & Development Programming courses. 

Use of the latest instructional materials and methods by Mrs. Williams at CCTC provided the cutting edge approach to relevant programming content I was looking for.

The individually paced and concentrated learning of current Web standards and technologies gave me the tools I'll need to manage projects in today's business world.

And bang for your buck? You definitely hit a home run, CCTC!

Daniel Bethuy 2014

This course can be overwhelming at times and is very fast paced. The instructor pushes you to your limit, and then some! It's actually quite effective.

In this course, you will learn all of the latest web technology trends, as well as emerging technologies.

Cory Sandlin 2014
Application Support Specialist, LCSD

"I highly recommend both the Web Development & Web Application Development & Programming courses.

Wonderful class and best teacher ever! This classroom experience has truly prepared me for the real world workforce. I cannot think of a better way to end schooling and start in the real world."

Jenna Moakley  2013

"The teacher was excellent. She met every expectation I had for this class. I believe for this program to reach its full potential you need to things.

  1. The program needs to be extended to three semesters.
  2. There needs to be an extra hand in the class to lecture specifically on ALL the coding languages.

I would gladly have paid more for the class if another semester was offered. The program is very intensive and does a good job preparing you for the real world."

William Kraus  2013

"When I entered HTN (now CCT), I only lacked one semester towards my Master's degree in Instructional Technology. I was worried about the technical aspect of the IT program, so I looked to HTN to see what courses they offered. The Web Development program caught my interest, and I am very glad I pursued the course.

Kim Williams is extremely knowledgable and helpful. Her curriculum is intensive but geared towards the present state of the Web industry. She covers the gamut of best practices and current technologies, and I feel prepared for my industry upon my exit from the program. What's more, I'm considering pursuing Web Development over and above my IT career option.

I found the school environment highly conducive to learning, and the cafeteria's food is excellent. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here at HTN, and I'd recommend this program to anyone."

Layla Cecil  2013

"I would like to say how much the Web Application Development and Programming class has allowed me to expand my horizons. Kim Williams has provided me with everything I need to be able to succeed in the field of web programming. She has been available to answer any questions I have had and has guided me through the times where I struggled. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to get into programming, as you will never find a better instructor to teach and guide you to success."

Pamela Westberry 2013

"I took this class as an average web user with little knowledge of computers and basically no programming experience. After attending both the Web Programming and Web Design classes taught by Kim Williams, I was able to obtain a computer programming job. I started at a nice wage and every day I accumulate more knowledge. I now have a CAREER where there is no limit to my success! Thank you to Kim Williams and the entire staff at Cape Coral Technical College for helping me launch my new life!"

Sincerely, Keith Anderson

"Cape Coral Technical College is a good example of what public education can do right. Kim Williams in particular has the ability to teach to the level of each student in her program. Her appreciation of private enterprise and their needs guides her curriculum. The result is students with commercially valuable skills who can find jobs when they leave. Keep it up Kim!"

Mark D.

"I came to Cape Coral Technical College with a tiny bit of Web Development knowledge and a desire to learn more about Web Programming. Between the professional based work environment and the unsurpassed curriculum developed by Mrs. Williams, my desire was molded into a solid skill set that I used to get a job before even graduating. Accompany that with Mrs. Williams diverse teaching styles and exceptional in-the-field knowledge, and I can think of no finer program. 

Cape Coral Technical College and Mrs. Williams helped me to become a Web Programmer, to do what it is I love to do, EVERYDAY. To find a job while the economy was at its worst, and get me started in what is now my Career.

I would recommend Mrs. Williams' program to ANYONE looking to get into the field of Web Development or Web Programming."

Thank You, Bill Brown - Lead On-Site Developer-Deerso, Inc.

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